Laser machining with DOEs

Welcome to Oxford Optics

The main aim of Oxford Optics is to revolutionalise the use of diffractive optical elements in the widest possible range of optical applications. Our products enable the use of diffractive optics based solutions in systems where in the past diffractive optical elements manufactured using conventional methods were not suitable due to their quality, manufacturing lead time or cost.

Our diffractive optical elements are manufactured using patented technology that was developed in the University of Oxford. This new technology makes it possible for us to supply high quality diffractive optical components at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost of competing products. The direct single-step manufacturing technology also provides a very fast manufacturing cycle, which results in a time scale from specification to finished product that is suitable for research and product development projects.

The manufacturing of diffractive optical components is supported by our expertise in the design, modelling and characterisation of diffractive optical elements and systems using diffractive optics. Also, based on our broad experience in general optical engineering, we can help in selecting and sourcing conventional optical components and diffractive optical components manufactured using conventional techniques. We can provide design, project management, manufacturing and support services that cover the full process of creating a complex optical system at one end of the scale, or a single specialised optical component at the other.